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Sales Development

In order to establish yourself in a new market in the long term, it is important to have reliable partners at your side right from the start. We are happy to act as this partner in order to create optimal starting conditions and support you during the initial market entry phase.


So that you can continue to concentrate on your day-to-day business and your export department is relieved in the initial period of your market entry, we support you in arranging initial customer contacts, suitable sales partners or a competent sales representative.

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Potential Customers

We have developed a B2B concept that helps you to overcome the barriers in the new market - without subsequently committing to fixed costs.


By means of networking and active engagement within a certain period of time, you can approach your customers directly and thus provide the basis for future orders.


As soon as the first contacts have been made, you can actively enter the sales process yourself.

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Sales Representative

We find qualified sales representatives: They represent your company in the target market, are very familiar with your industry and have the right customer network to get you specific customer orders quickly and efficiently.


Preparation for potential pitfalls and risks when working with a sales representative.


Based on our experience and expertise, we also support you with advice on how to improve or terminate an existing collaboration.

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We will find you experienced dealers with an extensive sales network and a solid customer base to whom they can recommend your products.


They also offer the advantage of having their own warehouse, so you do not have to worry about depot space or buildings.


The dealer becomes your most important customer in the target market and enables you to cover a broad market without any major additional expense for you: you only have one central point of contact - your dealer.


If you would like to find out more about the benefits of working with a dealer, please contact us: We would be happy to qualify suitable dealers for your company.

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Joint Venture

Joint ventures offer companies the opportunity to establish a completely new company together in order to achieve valuable synergy effects. The choice of a suitable partner is of great importance for the success of the project. We are happy to assist you in this selection process and support you with our many years of experience.


The process of establishing a joint venture is usually lengthy and complex. During the process, we therefore consult external experts in areas that lie outside our core competencies. Of course, we are also happy to assist you if you would like to expand an existing joint venture.


In connection with joint ventures, SØRENSEN - Connecting Markets offers the parties a longer-term coaching process to ensure the long-term success of the partnership.


Local Networks

Networking plays a major role in expansion, as "newcomers" entering an unknown market are often unfamiliar with the prevailing structures and regulations.

We are located directly on site and facilitate your access to local organizations and associations.

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Sales Employee

Having your own employees on site in Scandinavia or Germany when expanding plays a major role in opening up new markets. However, the risk of misplacement is high - especially if the intercultural dimensions, which are also extremely important in working life, or language barriers are not taken into account.


We help you to qualify the first employee for your new company at various levels.

We are very familiar with the labor market structure, wage and contractual relationships as well as the pension and social security system.

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