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Start A Company

Establishing your own company in a new market is a decisive step in the development of a company. For this reason, the process of setting up in Scandinavia should be carefully planned and thought through - both during the strategic planning phase and during implementation.


Site Selection

Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with a total of 110 million inhabitants are at your disposal - but where should you open your new location? Each country has its own framework conditions, economic geography, culture and traditions that need to be considered when setting up in Germany or Scandinavia. The choice of location is crucial, as it also includes the availability of local resources, a suitable infrastructure and the right customer base.


We support you in finding the location that suits your starting position and compare different locations for you - so that you find the optimal starting point for your success.


Representation / Virtual Office

If you want to achieve something in a new market, it first needs to know that you exist - you need to be present on the ground. Representation in the form of a virtual office at our local address gives you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of a comprehensive market presence cost-effectively and on a flexible basis.


The fixed costs are comparatively low, as you use our infrastructure such as address, telephone lines and office equipment. In addition to the basic services, you can book additional market activities as required, such as the scheduling of meetings. Other examples include the preparation of presentation material, strategic sparring or support and assistance during market visits.

Reviewing Laws

Starting a company / subsidiary

Establishing a subsidiary or branch gives you direct access to customers and networks in the respective market. In this form, you have the reins in your own hands and can build your success.


We support you with the formalities and put you in touch with the right local experts. Among other things, you gain direct access to the services and contacts of various business development organizations.

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