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Market Research

To ensure long-term success, good preparation and research are essential. Only those who know the local market structures, their customer potential and possible sales channels, but also their competitors, can prepare themselves optimally for expansion.

Through our practice-oriented working methods and our comprehensive network, we provide you with valuable knowledge and translate it into concrete recommendations for action. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience and concrete practical examples, reflect critically and think along with you.


Start innovatively:
The Marktmonitor © 

The Marktmonitor provides you with a continuous and comprehensive overview of your specific market situation in the respective target market. The Marktmonitor is a unique product on the market - it is created almost completely automatically on the basis of innovative research and analysis technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI).


All relevant databases, websites, portals and forums are systematically queried, evaluated and individually prepared for you based on your defined search criteria. You receive a quarterly overview of your industry and your potential customers in the target market. Important industry information, trade fairs as well as potential partner companies and competitors are identified along your needs and requirements.


With the market monitor, you receive individualized and target-oriented information regarding your market entry and the current development in your industry and with your partners or competitors.

Getting a first overview:
Our market check

- Essential information about the structure and trends of a market

- Price structure and competitive situation

- Combination of desk research and telephone interviews with industry experts

- Final report: important data and insights, incl. assessment of market potential


If these results confirm your decision to expand, we recommend that you commission a detailed market analysis.

Providing deep insights:
The market analysis

- Comprehensive analysis of the essential framework conditions for market entry. Well-founded decision-making basis for the concrete further strategic approach

- Obtaining crucial market information, incl. in-person visits to experts in the target market

- Combination of desk research and field research, strategy recommendations for a sustainable market entry

- Final report and strategy workshop: market entry strategies, recommendations


Following a market analysis, we are happy to support you in the further implementation of your market entry by establishing your company, finding partners and employees and so on.

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