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Jørgen Villadsen

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Senior Project Manager
With Sørensen ApS since 2006

Tlf: +45 36 95 77 00 / +31 625 154 027


  • Danish - Native language

  • English - Professional proficiency

  • Dutch - Professional proficiency

  • Swedish - Professional proficiency

  • Norwegian - Professional proficiency

  • German - Basic Proficiency

  • Spanish - Basic Proficiency


Professional skills and experience

A seasoned professional with roots in Denmark, Jørgen has called Spain and the Netherlands home since 1998. Armed with extensive expertise in corporate culture and market dynamics across Germany and Scandinavia, they boast 17 years of experience fostering relationships and facilitating dialogue among Scandinavian, Dutch, British, Russian, and German companies. Jørgen's practical acumen shines in designing and implementing tailored initiatives in new markets, showcasing a knack for pragmatic and feasible projects. With a diverse portfolio, he brings several years of hands-on experience in planning and executing events, lectures, and visitor programs across Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and the UK. Collaborating with both private and public entities, his versatility extends to a nuanced understanding of Scandinavian, Dutch, and Spanish cultures.

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